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Adaptive Design Consortium (ADCON) is an Architectural Design Consultancy firm spearheaded by Prajakt Patil, Raju Shinde and Satish Nair. We bring on board more than 14+ years of experience in various project typologies. 

We believe modern-day client is well informed and has the vision and ability to contribute to the Design process. Architect has more construction technology alternatives and support from specialized consultants to design smarter and efficient buildings. Also, project timelines have become aggressive and demand remarkable co-ordination amongst the stakeholders. We understand this contemporary pattern of work and it has inspired us to form Adaptive Design Consortium to craft Sensitive and Timeless creations together.

At ADCON, we encourage a culture of ingenuity and exploration that enables us to maintain a fresh approach to every project we do. This remains true for work of any scale, budget and type. This is an approach that has often led us to reinvent established building types. We can put our knowledge at task to create a new building or to restore the old.

Adaptive Design Consortium is capable of providing Master Planning, Architectural and Interior Design services from the Concept Design to Construction Administration stage.